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Grey outer / black leather insert / black stitching Clazzio Seat Covers on Ford F-150



We love getting pics from our customers of their installed seat covers and this just came in from a happy customer of a Ford F-150.  He went custom to match his truck and did grey outer / black insert with black stitching all around.  The final result is pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Since he has the 40/20/40 front seats, he did the modification to the center console to make it fit better.  This is highly recommended for owners of the F-150 to make the set look nice and complete.

We do many custom covers like this that take 12-14 weeks for delivery. You might think that this is a long time to wait, but consider how long you’ll have your truck and how much of a difference a fully custom set will make down the road – you’ll be glad you waited for what you really wanted!

If you’d like to order a set for your 2011+ Ford F-150, you can do so at the link below.  We also sell for other generations Ford F-150s and a lot of other trucks, just check our web site for a complete listing.

Clazzio Leather Insert Seat Covers – Ford F-150 ’11-’13

IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014


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  1. Hi- I had hoped to do my ’05 F-150 in a similar fashion… tan and black leather inserts, and black or ivory stitching. However, my F-150 has a solid center rest. No cup holders, just a solid, smooth, vinyl covered armrest. Is there a 40/20/40 version of your covers with a smooth center piece that just covers the entire armrest?

    • Hey Billy,

      Thanks for the message and I believe we spoke via e-mail but I’ll post the reply here for anyone else that has a similar question.

      We only have the seat covers to fit the center console with cup holder. You can still order the set that would fit the rest of your seats, but the arm rest cover would not fit and you would have to leave it uncovered.

      Thank you!

  2. May I confirm with you your outer color, is it for sure ‘grey’ or is it ‘light grey’? I want to order my Clazzio PVC with leather insert with the exact same set of color as yours. I have a hard time telling light grey and grey apart though apparently, because your color looks almost like light grey to me. Don’t want to order the wrong thing! Thanks!


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